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Aloha coca- cola! Dayanara Villanueva is my name. too long eii? that's why you can simply call me 'D.' im 16 years old young and currently in my 2nd year in pursuing Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. Tumblr is where i throw down my thoughts, show you the crazy stuff that went down and whatever I’m in the mood to throw on here and i may have my friends post stuff or it may come from me who knows just roll and sit back and enjoy.
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If I kill myself and blame DOTA, would you stop?

Just because I look okay doesn’t mean I’m fine. Truth be told, the idea of death doesn’t seem so bad. Maybe I should just die.

I love him but I can’t tolerate any more of his computer gaming. I feel neglected and I’m not happy anymore. It’s Valentines and he can’t even spare that day for me, I’ve never cried for anyone this much in my whole existence accumulated.

Valentines? Nah, mas masayang mag DOTA! FTS.

November 19, 2013                 

I remember him telling me once that he used to go home so often just so he can freshen up and look good for me. He did it again, but for who?

Also, earlier this day we saw this girl and he was disappointed he didn’t get to say “hi.”  Why in front of me?

Painful, really painful. I don’t know if its right that I’m feeling this way and I don’t know if its good that I’m trying to tolerate all this. I don’t know, I don’t know anymore.

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Assuming makes an ass of you and me. I don’t want to over analyze any situation relating to you because it leads to two things I don’t want to happen. I just want to be indifferent about you! I don’t want to have anything to do with you. I become unnatural with you around and I feel like I’m losing myself. I don’t want any of those. I really don’t. But… But… But… Why must it be you that I have to wish I was with? Why does it hurt to know that I’m still affected by you? Why do I feel like you’re still a part of everything that I’m doing? Why does it feel that it’s you I want to see and not my friends really.

When you were complimenting her, I knew you wanted me to hear that. When you told them to take care, I wanted to think that that was for me. When you were telling me that it hurts to act like you’re not affected when deep inside you are, I wanted to think that that pain was for me. When you said your inbox missed me, I wanted to think that it’s me and not my messages that you missed.


“this update requires that you restart your compu-“

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